About Us

PARTNERS FOR THE ARTS, INC. is a unique organization that seeks to:

  • encourage and promote emerging performing artists not under professional management by sponsoring competitions and public presentations
  • promote and interact with performing arts organizations and schools of music in mutually beneficial activities and awards
  • collaborate with others to develop educational programs that nurture audience development and appreciation of classical music and the arts

Board of Directors (*Founding Members)

Chairman of the Board and President:
*Leilane Grimaldi Mehler (…MORE)

Betty Farrell

*Victoria Tresansky 

Artistic Advisor:
*Dr. Elaine R. Walter 

Diana Bohn

Connie Donohoe

*Cyd M. Everett (…MORE)

Dena Feeney

Joe Giannino

Barbara Kalin

Tom Helisnki

Alan Savada


*Dr. Robert Misbin (…MORE)

*Audrey Pendergast (…MORE)