PARTNERS for the Arts, Inc.

PARTNERS for the Arts, Inc. encourages and promotes singers for professional careers through awards competitions, concerts, partnerships, and musical and educational events.


PARTNERS is pleased to announce the winners of its 2024 11th National Opera Competition

This year dedicated in loving memory of Vicky Tresansky

Sara LeMesh
1st Prize Winner
Sara LeMesh – Soprano
Daniel O'Hearn
2nd Prize Winner and
Audience Choice Award
Daniel O’Hearn – Tenor
Maggie Reneè
3rd Prize Winner
Maggie Reneè – Mezzo-soprano
Esther Tonea
Judges Special Award
Esther Tonea – Soprano

The Finalists

Donors Make a Difference

Our most sincere thank you to:

The Annunciation Catholic Church Catherine and Mary Roth Concert Series

Alan Savada and Will Stevenson – 2nd prize in honor of their son: Samuel J. Savada-Stevenson

Vicky Tresansky – the finalists’ awards

Drs. James and Wanda Trefil – 3rd prize in honor of Sylvia Mestek Trefil

Dr. Robert Misbin – The Audience Prize Award

And all the other donors who make it possible for us to give $24,000 in prizes this year.


For sharing their expertise with us, our most sincere thank you to our judges:

Richard Leech, Thomas Reilly, Joseph Walsh, Julia Cooke, Kevin Short, Ken Weiss, Christopher Cano, Elizabeth Futral, and Timothy Nelson.