PARTNERS’ Second Vocal Awards Competition — 2014

First prize, The Misbin Family Memorial Award,  was won by soprano Jennifer  Cherest.
Second prize, the
Vincent P. Walter, Jr. Memorial Award, was given to Emily Casey. 
Third prize,
the Holly Bianchi Memorial Award, went to Joseph Chee.
First prize of $2,500–
The Misbin Family
Memorial Award
Third prize of $750– the Holly Bianchi Memorial Award
Misbins-219x200 Vincent-Walter-150x200 Holly-Bianchi-sharpened-156x200
The Recipients of Encouragement Awards

Soprano Grace Gilday14-encouragement Soprano Grace Gilday

Baritone Andrew T. Pardini14-encouragement Baritone Andrew T. Pardini

Tenor Brendan Sliger14-encouragement Tenor Brendan Sliger

Tenor Brent R. Turner14-encouragement Tenor Brent R. Turner

Soprano Callie Wohletz14-encouragement Soprano Callie Wohletz

Thanks to the generosity of the following members, we were able to give an encouragement award of $250 to the other finalists shown above.
Rachel Abraham
Jean Arnold
Marvin Burge
Elizabeth Crompton
Michael Daniels
Freda Facey
Thomas Helinski
Traudel Lange
Anne McLean
Venice Molivadas
Antonio Monroig
Bill and Cathy Pastor
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Plaskett
Eva Salmoiraghi
Tom & Diane Stanley
Paula Verdun
Suzanne Zunzer

The winners and finalists were (from left to right) baritone Andrew T. Pardini, soprano Emily Casey, bass Joseph Chee, tenor Brendan Sliger, soprano Jennifer Cherest, soprano Grace Gilday, soprano Callie Wohletz, and tenor Brent R. Turner.

Judges for the Final Round of the Vocal Awards Competition


Maestro Stan Engebretson,
Artistic director of the National Philharmonic Chorale at Strathmore


Dr. Henriette Lund,
Artistic director of Maryland Lyric Opera 

General Director and President, Maestro Robert Wood

Maestro Robert Wood,
Artistic director of UrbanArias

Judges for the Semifinal Round of the Vocal Awards Competition

semifinal judge Andrew Jorgensen

Andrew Jorgensen, director of artistic planning for Washington National Opera


Maestro John Edward Niles, director of the American Wagner Project of The Wagner Society of Washington DC

semifinal judge Bruce Stasyna

Maestro Bruce Stasyna, chorus master/assistant conductor of Washington Concert Opera and artistic director of Green Mountain Opera Festival

14-accompanist Francis ConlonProfessor Francis Conlon, the official accompanist for the National Symphony Young Soloist Competition, the National Opera Institute Auditions, and the National Federation of Music Clubs Contest, accompanied the singers in both rounds of the competition.